Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Critical Mass: May ride

I wasn't there this time. My girlfriend Ana took the picture. There were almost 400 hundred bikes. she says.


Douwe Schmidt said...

It was a pity you couldn't make it this time!
Was a great ride, except for the bastard who sprayed Pepperspray into my eye out of the window of his green Falcon…

Hope to see you next time again.

Hernán said...

Wow! Why did that happen?
Ana, my girlfriend says that she saw you, but she had a bad cold and almost couldn't speak.

douwe Schmidt said...

hey Hernán,

Sometimes I don't understand why people do such crazy stuff. But he probably felt his fundamental human rights were violated because he couldn't drive as fast as he wanted.
Ah yeah, I saw Ana, but she wasn't on speaking terms haha! ;-) Is she better now?

We're gonna right to Tigre tomorrow if it is nice weather, do you have tips for a nice route?

And hope to see you next CM again!

Douwe Schmidt said...

I meant RIDE!

ride right!

Anonymous said...

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