Friday, May 14, 2010

Another fourteen songs about cycling

Mogwai Superheroes of BMX

múm Slow bicycle

Red Hot Chili Peppers Bicycle Song

Brian Wilson Roll, Plymouth Rock

XTC Season Cycle

Madness Riding on my bike

Luka Bloom Acoustic Motorbike

Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine

Autechre Bike

Alain Bashung L’arrivée du Tour

Belle & Sebastian The Fox in the snow

Clouddead Bike, Part 1

Danny Elfman Park Ride from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure OST

Lisa Germano Riding my bike


Unknown said...

Nice list. You forgot Happy Cycling by Boards of Canada!

I am also an occasional journalist and full-time cyclist living in BA.

Moved from London in January, and missing my bike - could you tell me the best place to get a decent used bike?

If I'm successful, maybe see you on the next critical mass!


Hernán said...

Hello Arthur
No, I didn't forget. It's in my first list, in the next page. Great cycling track and great video.
I don't know about the used bike. Most bike stores here have some used bikes to sell but I don't know how decent the bike (or the seller) will be. Where are you located? Perhaps you can try the auction sites like or first.