Sunday, March 28, 2010

On the double


'Xander Labayen said...

thats so cool! no hands and taking pictures!

Anonymous said...


Three things:
1) Great pics!
2) The other day I saw a tall-bike passing me on Gallao. The guy was to fast to ask him how and why he made the bike. Did you see him by any change? (more on tallbikes: )
3) Do you know if this sunday there is another critical mass bikeride, since Argentinians seem to enjoy Easter maybe more then riding a bike…


Hernan said...

Hi, Douwe
Yes, there is a Critical mass ride this sunday, because it's the first sunday of the month
I know one guy who made a tall bike, he usually goes to the Mass rides. I think his web page is or
Thanks for leaving a comment.

Hernan said...

But I think his webpage is down now, or I'm remembering its name wrongly.

Anonymous said...

I will try to be there this sunday then!
It is at 9. de Julio, right? At the obelisk?
What time does it normally start?

Anonymous said...

By the way, you might enjoy this small movie I made some weeks ago:

hernán said...

4 pm

Anonymous said...

that website doesn't seem to work…
it redirects here:

hernan said...

Yeah, I think it´s down.
Nice vid! We live some ten blocks from each other.

Anonymous said...

turns out that this is the right address:

Only ten blocks? Well that's fun, wanna meet up at 15:00 on sunday for a joined right to the obelisk?

Hernan said...

I found a picture of the guy with the tall bike. This is the right adress.

And I used to go to the Laboratorio de Idiomas in february too, to study french!

I´m going with my girlfriend to the ride. 15 perhaps is a bit too early, because they never leave before 16.30. Perhaps we can meet at 15.45? In Serrano y Córdoba?

Anonymous said...

ah yes, I also found a picture of him on the Flick-page of the critical-mass-site.

15:45 it will be. My girlfriend will becoming as well, so we'll have a small mass already! ;-)

See you then. You can recognize us by my silver bike and my girlfriends red bike.

By the way, I don't wanna spam your blog completely, so maybe you can mail me in case of anything at:


Hernan said...

Ok then. 15.45 Serrano y Cordoba. Unless it rains.

Hernan said...

going to sleep now

Unknown said...

nice post!
I'm visiting Argentina next month... and I was looking for buenos aires hotel, but I'm not sure near where should I stay.... near Recoleta? near La Boca?
Hope you can help me, I'm some kind of lost..

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