Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Japanese street food

Bento: take out food in a box. After 7pm, supermarkets cut its price in half, so it's a good deal for the, let's say, "economically challenged" tourists, like us.
Fishes filled with cream, bananas covered in chocolate, some german pastry, various sea-things on sticks and some other treats that we had to try...
In a fish market, my girlfriend Ana pulled the Oldboy stunt. Actually, this poor little octopus was already dead. But we were told that in Korea, in certain bars, you can have a live one with your drink. You don't eat it alive as in the movie, but it is chopped alive and you have to eat the parts very quickly to feel them still move in your mouth... I can't imagine a stronger case for vegetarianism.
In Japan, there are almost 10 million vending machines, one for every 20 people, more or less. Consumerism in display: ¿pop art?

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Tracy said...

It seems you had a fine time in your trip. There are a lot of vending machines there, I would definitely call it consumerism! Every time you travel to a foreign city, you feel surprised by some of the habits people have there. When i travelled to Argentina, I rented one of those apartments in Buenos Aires and it shocked me how people would normally rent rather than own the place, it turns out that they don´t earn enough to buy in BA, so the usually rent. Anyways, the habits were kind of strange for me, but I loved the country!