Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bike ride to work

Saturday Morning. I took off from home at 9 AM. After a few blocks along Córboba Ave. I got to Alvarez Thomas Ave. Luckily there are almost no cars.
A fellow worker on his bike.
This street is Galván, the barrio here is called "Saavedra", I´m about to leave the city. Notice that there aren't any bike paths in sight.
This little brigde crosses to the Greater Buenos Aires, what we call "provincia". Below me, the General Paz Ave. that separates the "city" of Buenos Aires from the "Greater" Buenos Aires.

Not the way you wanna go. The "riachuelo" (small river) is extremely polluted, specially around heavily populated areas like La Boca (one of the barrios that the tourists like to visit here). The riachuelo has been cause of controversy over the years because every government has promised to clean it but none has fulfilled the promise yet.
This is called "Villa Martelli", typical middle class barrio of the Provincia de Buenos Aires.
Going under...
and under. Another fellow worker/cyclist. Two bike commuters in half an hour is not a bad average at all for this city!
9.30 AM Not there yet. Still no bike path. No need for suspense, I won't find any on the whole trip.
Almost there.
Some 19 kilometers from home... The Telefé studios in Martinez, the place from where one of the shows that I work for is broadcasted live.
9.45 AM I park the bike.
The lot.


South County Ciclista said...

Nice pictures. Thanks for posting them. I used to live in La Capital and Martinez so it is nice to see current pictures. Ten years ago I didn't see any bikes either so I guess not much has changed.

CV said...

Que lindo blog! saludos del blog anarcopunk! Besotes desde el norte del sur!

Hernán said...

I used to live in La Lucila. There, in La Lucila, Martinez, la "zona norte" is not unusual to see cyclists. I lived all my childhood in the streets on my bike! Thanks for leaving your comment, SC Ciclista.

Hernán said...

Hola Blogger Anarcopunk! Que musica edita CV records? Imagino que punk rock, guitarras, one, two, three, four!

Unknown said...

Hey! nice pics
it seems you had a great time there
I'm planning a trip to SouthAmerica, and I was looking for apartments for rent Buenos Aires, any recomendations? wich area do you think I should stay?
Hope you can answer me, bacause I don't know anyone who has been there so..., I'm some kind of lost

Hernan said...

Well, most apartments for rent to tourist are located either in Palermo or San Telmo, which are two nice but different areas. Palermo is trendy, it pretends to be sort a New York Soho (it is not). San Telmo is the eldest part of the city but it suffered recent gentrification. Both places are ok. You should avoid places like Belgrano or Nuñez which are not bad but a bit far away. Of course there are a lot of really awful places in the city but in those places there are no apartments for tourists.

Kimberly said...

I know that the bike is the best means of transport ever. It is cheap, fast and healthy. LAst year I got an apartment in buenos aires when I travelled for my vacations and I used the bike to go ti all the tourist attractions I wanted to visit!