Saturday, February 6, 2010

Outskirts of Tokyo

Our friend Hiromichi-san guided us through the outskirts of Tokyo, following a (often hidden) bike path that, 20 miles later, took us to a beautiful temple.

After some 50 miles, we arrived to a well deserved brunch: coffe and pan, which is the japanese (and spanish) word for bread and/or pastries. I suppose that they adapted the french word "pain" but since vowels in japanese and in spanish sound almost the same, it seems that they pronounce it in perfect spanish. For spanish speakers, it's fairly easy to pronounce japanese correctly.


浩道 said...

Hernan said that "We don't really have bike paths and our drivers firmly believe that roads are built only for their benefit." but in Tokyo is not enough for bikes infrastructure very poor level than Netherlands and Germany.
They have had change for bikes infrastructur as like Copernicus. You know that?

What mean "in the sack" I don't understand explain me.

Hernan said...

In the sack is a bad joke, I´m sorry. Means "in the bed".
What do you mean by "hange for bikes infrastructur as like Copernicus"

Anonymous said...

the food looks yummy!

i'm curious as to how the people reacted to foreign visitors - were they reserved or open ?

浩道 said...

I wrote that "change for bikes infrastructur as like Copernicus".
Copernicus was great astronomer in 15 century who established heliocentric Copernican system.
Then that mean is "in Netherlands and Germany changed bikes infrastructur very revolutionarily", these system is safe and secure for car accident!
see you,

Hernán said...

People were very kind, very eager to help, but shy and reserved as well. It´s hard to communicate because most of the japanese speaks (or wants to speak) only a little english. But they tried to be helpful at every occasion.

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