Friday, January 1, 2010

In LA: folding bikes

In Venice Beach, our last day in LA, before flying to Japan


Christa said...

Welcome to Calif. Cool background and folding bikes... rented?

Desperately want to cycle in Japan.

Anonymous said...

No, not rentded. We're travelling with them. We already are in Japan. Tokyo is much bigger than we expected, and the trains do not allow even folding bikes unless they have a cover bag! But bike culture is huge here. And the city is incredible. Five years in the future. Best place in Tokyo yet: Shimo Kitasawa!

Courtnee said...

These are beautifully composed photos--you're certainly make cycling look good. And flying off to Japan with your folding bikes--very chic indeed!

Christa said...

Tokyo sounds amazing! Would love to see a Tokyo Cycle Chic blog too.

Imagine cycle chic blogs from around the world are quite alluring for bicycle tourists. It's inviting. I personally want to cycle in all the featured cities.

Anonymous said...

I really like how your blog is set up. The photos come out really big, they pop out.

Will be visiting your blog regularly.